A Swell Kind of Weekend

First, I want to publicly announce my love for A-K from Swell Vegan! I’ll tell you why: I received my much anticipated copy of Swell Vegan’s  zine over the weekend and I quickly got to work on her Sweet Potato Cranberry Scones. If you’ve seen her pictures and you are a fan of scones, then you’ll understand why I was so excited. All I can say is that they definitely don’t disappoint – they are fabulous!

Sweet Potato Cranberry Scones

Sweet Potato Cranberry Scones

They are made with spelt and brown rice flours so they are good for you too. The texture is fantastic and they are a perfect balance of savory and sweet.


I also scored some fresh green beans at the farmer’s market this weekend so I made her green beans replacing the mandarin oranges with a regular orange:
Orange Sesame Green Beans

Orange Sesame Green Beans

A perfect summer snack when chilled.
 I also made her mole sauce to roast brussel sprouts with. These should be called Mole Bombs! because man, were they hot! I like heat but I think I didn’t have enough brussel sprouts for the amount of sauce I used – definitely will make again but with more veggies.
Mole Bombs!

Mole Bombs!

Last but not least I made my black bean burgers  for dinner to have with the green beans:
Black Bean Burgers

Black Bean Burgers

All in all it was a great tasty weekend! I hope these pictures inspire you to head on over to the Swell Vegan  and order your zine today, it’s worth its price in scones!
SPC Scones

SPC Scones






3 Responses to “A Swell Kind of Weekend”

  1. 1 a-k April 21, 2009 at 3:38 am

    Hooray! So happy you made stuff, and so much! Yeah, the mole marinade is pretty spicy… I usually use it for a pound/bag of brussels sprouts when I do it that way. It’s nice to eat with a milder entree.

    All your photos, and especially your scones, look gorgeous!

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